Never Again

I was 15 when I met Brandon.
He was exactly like me... He suffered from depression, he was a cutter too, he'd been in bad relationships and he was the most caring guy I knew.
He said he was in love with me from the moment he saw me, which took my breath away.
We were dating for 3 months before it started... He found out that he was moving across Australia, and he wanted to give his parents a reason to let him stay... His only conclusion was to get me pregnant.
He took my virginity, and would rape me consistently while I cried, in desperate attempts to get me preg.
Thank god it never worked, and he moved away. However, it didn't stop there.
5 months of emotional abuse ensued, with him telling me that if I ever left him, he would commit suicide.
I wasn't strong enough to leave him, so I just say by, pretending that I was happy.
When our relationship finally ended, he did attempt suicide.
Aparrently he was dead for 12 seconds.
Now he spends his time tryin to win me back, when all I want is for him to give my things back to me...
KierstynLeigh KierstynLeigh
18-21, F
Jan 15, 2013