He Used Me

I met David when I was a freshman. I''ve been in a VERY abusive household since I was four. I met David and love hit me hard. I don't know why but there was something in him. that I loved. On our third date I was head over heels x2 and I went all the way with him. After that he got really jealous of everyone. I couldn't talk to a guy with out him calling me a ****. He even accused me of being on the other team when he saw a friend of mine zipping up my top because I couldn't get it. He didn't hit me yet so I thought I should just suck it up because it was much better then my home so when I turned 15, I moved in with him. He just got nastier. He would call me a Bipolar Freak and **** and even worse names that I don't want to say. When I had been living with him for four months was the first time he hit me. I wasn't a loud to talk to any one and I wasn't a loud to do anything with out David' s permission. Well, one day I got really sick of it and I went to a slumber birthday party for my friends golden birthday. He was calling me all night and texting me. I told him I was at my friends after about an hour. By now my phone was almost dead and he was really pissed. I decided to stay the night anyway and the next morning when I went over to his house, his mom was gone (his dad left when he was a kid) and he was really, really posses. I broke like forty rules in one night. I got there and I pretended to act like nothing happened, it just pissed him off even more. I walked into the room we shared.
"Hey, baby," He came over to and grabbed my wrist, squeezing it really hard.
"I was at Anne' s birthday party," He tightened his grip, annoyed that it didn't really hurt. I bit my lip hard because it did hurt. "Please, David. It was her Golden. I didn't think it would be far to her, please. I'm really sorry," He let go but barely for a moment. He slapped me hard across my face. "Oh my God," I whispered.
"Oh my God!" He slapped me again.
"SHUT UP!" I do.
He started hitting me almost every other the day. But it was still better then living at my house. He was just slapping, punching and pinching me, MUCH better then my home. I didn't leave him until he held a knife to my face when I said I didn't want to have sex.
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I left when I was 16. I was still a little in love and I knew he was abusive but it was just mostly that his abuse wasn't as bad as at my house. I knew how a guy should treat me or more so I knew how a guy shouldn't treat me. And yeah he called me that but I have Bipolar and he knew that and I never called him that but I never let him just call me that I would always argue back. my life is full of abuse but at least I have my current boyfriend. And I've known since I was eight that no one deserves to be treated like that. I actually have an organization to help families out of abuse. I'm an actress/singer, so that's my part time job.