Why Am I Afraid?

I have been in your situation. I have a two year old out of a relationship that had plenty of sex, but he was abusive so i left. i had no car, no place to go, but refused to give my son up for anything. im all he has. now i have a boyfriend that doesn't have sex with me enough and my ex comes and sees my son on the weekends. i cant leave my son alone with his daddy because i am scared that he will get frusterated at my sons natural child hyperness that comes along with being young and he will get hurt. it happened before when my son was 18 months old. he was crying because there was no baby food and he was hungry. my ex had us livin in a camper in his parents' yard, with no electric no water and no car. my ex came home from drinkin one mornin and couldn't take the babys crying so he beat him in the head. I picked my son up and ran for the camper door, to be caught by the neck of my dress and drug back in. while i was being drug, my shoulder got cut by the metal piece that lines the edge of the camper counters. he then beat me on the head, in the face, and finally thought choking me would stop me from runnin away. I put the baby back in his playpen so i could use both hands to protect him but it only got me beat up worse. his mom finally come and took the baby into her house while he continued to choke me. so there are a lot of trust issues...its not just that "im keeping his son from him" that now all of a sudden he cares about, but i am scared for my sons saftey, even though my current boyfriend is stronger than my ex and wouldn't let nothing happen to my son or me. what is scary though is that my boyfriend trusts my ex more than he should be. he is deviant and will fake being nice until he gets what he wants, which in this case is full custody. i will never give it up, no matter how much he "changes".
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Jan 18, 2013