Men Are Abused Too.

My father told me, "Son, you never, EVER hit a woman." I didn't. But she hit me.

I was in an abusive marriage for four years. She didn't hit the kids, she simply turned all of her frustrations on me. I was serving in the military at the time, so there wasn't much I could do about it. People wondered why I showed up to work with cuts and bruises on my face, I would tell them what happened, and an officer threatened to give me an article 15 about it if I ever lied again. I just told everyone that I was clumsy, and they seemed to accept that. Meanwhile, my wife cheated on me in our bed, and she didn't even care if she got caught, having walked in on her more than once. I tried holding out for the kids, but it didn't seem to matter. Finally someone listened to me and what I was going through, only to have the previously mentioned officer get wind of it and I wind up losing a stripe. My wife was told of this, and she laughed in my supervisor's face. Everyone at the command had finally figured out that I was telling the truth. I was treated with kid gloves for the rest of my enlistment, having been institutionalized for a bit after threatening suicide. My wife hid my kids from me for over four years. I just got them back in my life this past May. Men hurt too. We are not the only abusers. If a man says he's being beaten by his wife or girlfriend, take him seriously.

And I don't wanna hear and of you macho types telling me "Hit her back, it's self-defense!" or "Suck it up, you're a man!" Abuse still hurts, even if it's not physically painful.
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What can we do?.. Make a video clip and send her to jail?.. :/

She's dead. No more issues.

Hmm.. I don't know what to say about someone's death.... : l