How I Met James.

I was 17 years old the first time I had seen James. He moved in next door to my fiance, his dad and I. When I first saw him I was curious who he was. I live in a small town and know almost every young adult. My fiance and I broke up because he was disrespectful and my last straw was when he said "God, just shut up already" because I was talking about a movie I had been watching. I didn't put up with ********. My grandma lived across the street from us so I packed what little stuff I had and moved in with her. I was so happy to be single. I had been with my fiance my entire high school life and never really been single. I walked down to out local gas station and on my way back, James pulled up and asked if I wanted a ride. I said yes, I'm a very trusting person and it was less than 4 blocks from home. We talked all night that night and into the morning. I went home but from then on out we were together everyday. We were perfect at first. We got along great, like best friends that had sex to be honest. He was a pill addict although I didn't know this before I had supposedly fallen for him. This will sound strange but I got addicted to Tramadol, which is supposed to be non-addictive. Then I got bored and started popping Hydrocodone, got addicted and started snorting them. We started living in our car because I always had a plan to live minimalistically and thought it was a good idea. We lived in the car for 2 months, the whole time at which I snorted hydros like I would die if I didn't. I got addicted to No-Doz which is an alertness aid, basically pure caffiene. I was an alcoholic. I found out I was pregnant, quit doing everything. Literally quit cold turkey and so did James. Within a month he was doing hydros again. I stayed with him and told him he needed to be done by the time our baby was born. He shot up oxycotton while I was 4.5 months pregnant and forced to have a ********* with him and another guy. Right after that is when the abuse started. He couldn't remember why I had sex with them both, blamed me for being a wh*re and wouldn't listen to me when I told him he had a knife threatening me if I left. I never had sex with the other guy, he couldn't get hard because he of the oxy, James didn't remember that part either. I'll share my individual abuse experiences in separate stories but that's how it all started.
ChasingPerfection19 ChasingPerfection19
18-21, F
Jan 22, 2013