Never Thought It Would Happen To Me

Growing up i was strong willed an *** kicker lol. I met this guy at a bar when i was 21 that should have been a red flag there. I thought he was my way out of the life i had. Things were good until u got pregnant. After my dayghter was born was when my life became hell. It started with physical abuse. I remember picking glass out of my hair when he got mad and threw a snow globe at my head. Luckily it hit the wall first but it shatter all over my head. As time went on things escalated. I had several black eyes and i use to lie about how they happened even to my parents. I could not confide in anyone. I was emotionally broken called the nastiest names you can think of. After hearing them so many times you think thats what you really are. When my daughter was 1 the sexual things started. I was forced into 3 somes with other men. And for fear of what would happen to me or my child i did not put up a fight. I would come home from work to strangers there and them waiting for me. Never mind i was exhausted but put to work when i walked through the door. After it was over i would get accused of cheating called a ***** or **** and wait for my face to stop hurting from being hit. I have had my shoulder dislocated almost lost my second child from being choked out at 5 months pregnant. I stayed in the relationship because i didnt know what to do. I was mentally broken and told nobody would ever want. To the point i actually believed it. It took me 6 years to finally stand up for myself and children. But i did and u left. I thought leaving would end it all. But once his control was gone it made him more mad. My parents stood up for me and helped me. They gave me and my children a safe place to stay. I have found someone since the ordeal and we gave been married for the last 3 years. Never did i think i could love another man. He is so sweet and hes my life. I hope my story inspires other woman were all worth it. Thanks for reading
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You are an inspriation continue to be strong.

Thank you..............I am lost for words dear lady

slapped a girl one time after a long argument i shall carry my regret to the grave.mind yourself! thats not how a man should behave.glad your happy and safe

I would kick his ***,he is a ******* coward and a ******* useless piece of smelly and stinky garbage

I tried to a couple times

u r very strong women , hope you be happy for ever

Thank you

Thank goodness you were able to get out.

It is really inspiring. I am not physically/sexually abused but I think he abuses me emotionally/psychologically. I keep giving him chances but it has been a never-ending cycle for me.

I am so glad you are happy now :-)

Thanks BT :)

You brave, brilliant woman. Good for you. X


Good for you, you overcame and moved on proud of anyone that can do wishes holehearted79

I'm happy for you the best was saved for last.

Just curious.. if that ******* is your husband who you answered his question.. *****.., then aren't you afraid he knows alot more about you than you think.. if he knows your EP chat info ?

How could it be? She is now between the ages of 31-35, and she was abused at age 21. She also stated that she was married for the past 3 years to someone else.

There was a question asked here today and it simply asked:
Pu$$y' your thoughts ..
Her reply was: My Husband
Another answer came back with all indications that this was her husband and she didn't go on to say whether it was her ex husband or present. After reading her experiences, she stated she left EP a year ago and . well she does sound a lil nutttyt, but.. then said she regrets coming back on here. So my questioning her was all about this situation not her abuse years ago,. but, if she was abused by this guy then she should be concerned that he is following her on EP.

Wow you missed that he answered a question that said what's your favorite midnight snack. He answered ***** mine was my husband. How the hell you came up with this is just confusing.

The ******* in my story is an ex. My husband is amazing

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Hang in there. You'll be all right. you have made it this far, so things will get better.

what a wonderful conclusion ............its cuz you were strong hon.............never change..........and may you find the happiness you deserve.............hugssssssss, marcia


Wowwwww the best story I have hearddd on here in a longggg timeee ;-)))) good for you & good for for your kiddies ...thk s for getting out .

Sad but inspiring.

Wow!! Thats an incredible story. It's so hard to think some one could treat another person like that.
I'm so happy your in a much better place now.

Thank you life long lesson. Learned there.

I can see that you have been blessed. The past is finished, you can't add anything to it, learn from your experiences and make your future a brighter one.
Thank you for sharing your story.

hi ! i am so glad you and your children survived that
monster ! glad to hear you got family support . you are a survivor . take care . wishing you the best ! :-)

I'm so sorry this happened to you:( Stay strong!!

Kinda scared to get into this side of my issues now... but how are you getting along so well and happy in your marriage now?

It took time. I was single for 2 years after that. I met my husband through work and I knew he was the one. At first I was scared and jumpy around him. As time went on I was able to let go of being scared of being hit or other things.

Thank you for sharing.

Glad you found a way out, when i married my first partner yrs ago she was in a simular experience, she had black eyes, even this man she was with used to stab her in the head with a fork if the dinner wasent up to standard, i got her out from him, i challenged him, to do what he done to her but he was chicken sh.t,

Thank you glad you got someone out. Its one of the hardest things to do.

"Narcissistic Personality Disorder"- way too damn controlling. Tell him to cook his own ******' dinner!

I'm glad you were finally able to break free from this man. God knows, it is not easy. I've been through it myself, for many years. Broken bones, stitches, fractures & countless bruises. I left many times but always fell for the "I'll never do it again. I swear. Give me one more chance" song & dance until finally it just stopped. Gradually it became less, and less until I realized one day that it had been 3 years since he'd laid a hand on me. Things were finally good. I wasn't living in fear anymore. Then after a couple more years, he died of a massive heart attack. I remember one person asking me shortly after his death if there was any part of me that was even a little bit relieved. I was angered by this question. How dare she?? I quickly answered "absolutely not!!" Many abusive, difficult years I spent with my husband but never did I want him dead.

ne never changed and I would be dead now if I hadn\'t of left. I do on the other hand wish terrible things on my ex. He has made me my husband and children\'s life hell. To the point I had to get his rights taken away. My children lived in fear from him.

Im really sorry to hear that. Knowone should have to live in fear. I assume you have a protective order against him.. If so I can only pray that your towns police force has a no tolerance policy & takes the situation very seriously.
You have every right to wish him harm. I think thats got to be a natural reaction after what he has put you & your family through. I really hope things work out for you & he gets what he deserves.
You will be in my thoughts.

So glad you are in a better place now. Hugs

Hugs thank you


Well done you for finding the strength to leave and be happy with another man!! this story was super inspiring, you are a strong woman, very proud of you!! :)

Thank you it was hard but well worth it.

No one deserves what you had to put up with.Good to hear you managed to get out and have made a better life.

Thanks it is better

Tend to yourself ! And has ur new man smelled ur feet yet P-U

Lol he works at the same place

I'm sorry for your awful experience but so glad you found the strength to leave!

Sorry to here your story hope that things go much better for you. ;-)

Already been through hell way I see it things can't get much worse even if it means I half to be alone

Never give up on life there is always hope. ;-)

Running out of hope

Bless You!:)

I'm glad you found someone nice to be in you and your children's life.
I hope that there is a hell for the man that did that terrible **** to you to suffer eternally in.

You made me cry, i am crying and i am writing for are the such sweetest women in the world.. This is nonsense guys who abuse such sweet girls.. I hope you will be happy, Everything get normal soon.. I hate abuser.. I hate liars, I hate cheaters... I respect your feelings and emotions and difficulties you face in your life.. Take care yourself.. and thanks for sharing...

Thank you very much

You are a strong beautiful woman. You endured and then you fought your way out. I'm so glad your parents stood by you in the end when you realized that this was no way to live. I too lived this way before---people don't understand what happens in your mind when you are in the middle of the situation. Anyway, just wanted to let you know you are doing good things by sharing your story. Happiness with your love.

True ppl don't understand unless they go through it. I hope to inspire others

hun, so glad you found some one to love and to love you

I am so sorry .............Hugs...............Alan