''I Have Been In Abusive Relationships"

I, like so many other's out there have been in abusive relationship's.

The thing is, that person, who you think you fall in love with is actually a big illusion!

That's my expereince anyway!

We were together for 5 years, we have a daughter toogether who is 7.

I say illusion because they are like a chmellion!!can camoflage their truself very well, !

And by the time you find out who they really are ít's to l8"'!

Not only  was he a abuser, he was also a compulsive liar (''well i certainly hit the jackpot didn't i!!!) LOL!

I have been out of that for 5 year's now!!

It taught me alot, made me stronger, and slowly im starting to heal,

All i can say is it's not our fault !!(they are out there

I am me, if some one dosn't love me for who i am

Then they are not woth it!!

I fell sorry for his new wife who married him and came to live here in nz!!

(Poor her) i certanly woulnt want to be in her shoe's!!




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3 Responses Jun 16, 2007

Yeah, it does take time to heal. Don't ever give up. You are valuable.

I definately understand abuse. It is love that I had trouble understanding. It does take time, but you will heal. Other than the forgiveness, part, I'm almost ok. (((((hugs)))))

oh I know, I hear ya...I picked a winner myself and kicking myself in the *** for it...it will take time I know and hopefully, I will be able to find a decent man and love again...however, once bitten TWICE SHY

Great at picking em myself lol ! You will get there eventually