I Understand Ur Plight of Been Abused and Un Appreciated

well wat ll u say bout a lover who calls up a loose and an older woman  at that ,saying everything bout u?i call it foolishness!and the foolish less than a woman calls me up and starts to say stuff.like i dnt hv a life and all unpleasantries. but i wonder wat she did with her youth and i m not surprised her man dumped her .and my man denies everything ,yes it hurts me ,but i m using it to my advantage.how?  u  may want to know.i m standing tall ,i m holding my head up which of course makes me even taller,i m psyching my mind up with positivity,cuz no one can u put u except u permit it,so i know my strength now i know i ll make it i m getting there ,i know i m sronger and tougher than  10 million people put together!it s bringing out my survival instincts.so ladies if i can stand tall ,u also can,make new friends ,look into ur mirrors and tell ur self how unique u re ,there is only  one u wit that face,just that smile(except u have an identiocal twin which is rare)LOL.well people keep tabs for another episode with my childish ............. i rest my case.
konybaby konybaby
22-25, F
1 Response Jul 1, 2007

im glad you are walking tall...never stop with the smiling..