I have been in a couple but only one of them was physical towards me.He was twice my age and he treated me like the most beautiful queen,it was fresh out of my bad marraige so I was soaking up the attention.Then he started getting so rough and scary in bed,sometimes I think it was more of a rape than anything. Finally after he left bruises all over me I left him, but then six months later I got back together with him.He promised to treat me right this time and be so rough.I had just gone through an extremely stresful time and I just wanted someone to love me.Well two weeks later I was in the hospital,handprints all over me and they stayed there for almost a month.I was so scared I thought he was goin to kill me.I have never seen anything that scary in my life, sometimes I will run into him at the park or the store and I get so worried he might follow me home.It was been two years but I still feel like I should move or something.
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2 Responses Jul 3, 2007

Was the guy using any drugs that you are aware of, like speed? Sounds like he may have been sneaking something up his dirty, filthy nostrils before doing the deed.

Glad to hear you got out of the abusive relationships. that is such a huge step and so hard to do sometimes. Ref your other story - see, you are doing Great!