Young Love... Not

When I was a junior in high school (so not too long ago) there was a reserved, ridiculously beautiful, private, and extremely quiet guy. I think the reason why I was so attracted to him is because I was so much like him. Minus the ridiculously beautiful part of course. So long story short one of my friends talked him into asking him out (or so I was told). What actually happened was he was dared to ask me out (I found this out from his older brother towards the end of the relationship). He was perfect at first. Sweet, passionate, lots of affection and gifts... every girls dream guy.
I'm guessing that was all a front. It wasn't long until he got really ugly. At first he was just emotionally abusive. He would just call me hideous and agree with other people who would say similar things. Then he stopped with the hugs and lovey dovey behavior. He started off by hitting me by "accident" and then he started throwing objects like knives, forks, nunchucks and other sharp or heavy objects...
He never really succeeded in physically hurting me (definitely emotionally though). In high school I used to skate board and we went on a "skateboarding date". I was on the top (highest part) of the isometrica bowl and he was right behind me. Yup you guessed it. He pushed me off. And of course he made that seem like an accident (nobody believed him).
Needless to say I was injured. Two fractured knees, a broken arm and broken heart. Nothing that wouldn't get better with time.
As abusive, degrading and heartbreaking the experience was some good things did come out from it.
I learned a lot from him.
I learned that no one on this planet deserves to be in an abusive relationship.
I learned what I did and didn't want in not just a guy, but in a friend or person or anyone really.
I learned that nobody has the right to act or treat you that way.
I learned that karma will return the favor.
I learned what to look out for.
I learned that everyone deserves to be loved unconditionally and held to the utmost importance by their significant other.
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My god :(

You are right!!NO ONE has a right to hurt you physically, or emotionally!!!

You went through a lot at such a young age:)

Stands up and does an encore applaud because this person was able to "learn" from her experience. Because, as most educated people know "experience is what you get when you didnt get what you wanted!"

It's my first time hearing it and I love that quote!! <3

stands up and applauds*

Thanks! Your about is so cute


the most important lesson i learned from your experience is that YOU are a smart woman by deciding to leave that guy and i really admire you for making the right decison.

Thank you so much!

my pleasure.

sorry for that my girl,it wasn't the best idea of him to treat you on that hugely awful channel,that dude had a dark side that was awaiting to embrace you,what he did to you wasn't fair and forever will never be

Thanks. He's long gone now. I'll never see him again.

Wow, you've been through a lot. Sorry about what happened to you.

It really wasn't too much compared to what others have been through. Thanks for the concern :) <3

No one believed him that he said it was an accident?

Nope. How can it be an accident?

I'm kinda surprised that none of his friends or his family believed it was an accident. In many instances, the person's friends or family will take their side and not 'see' that the person really did do wrong...

They believed him when it came to the little things, but pushing someone off an isometrica bowl can never be an accident unless both people came tumbling down.

I apologize for my ignorance... but what is an 'isometrica bowl'?

It's like the circular ramp that skaters skate on.

Ahhh, ok... I know now. Thank you.
Isn't that a realm were only ONE skater at a time skates on?


Yeah, but nobody really follow the rules.

They should! Especially if you're going to get hurt in the way you did.

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