He Knows It Was Wrong

my husband isnt really the abusive type. when we were dating he was so nice to me. he is still nice now too. when we just got married he will help me with the dishes and take naps with me. he would make me soup when im sick and buy me anything i want.

now he still loves me but he doesnt help me nomore. he still buys me anything i want but fuss about it later tat i spend too much money. im a stay at home wife and when i want to spend time with him he gets mad at me tat i dont understand him.

i think tat me and him are sort of the same. we both get madd quick but get happy easy. when hes really mad at anyone he takes it on me. almost everything i do will annoy him and he will yell at me saying tat why am i so stupid and why am i like tat.

this one time we went to go look for cars. we went to this place and they had some cars there. He asked me where do we park and i told him i dont know. He ask again like three times and i gave him the same answer. the fourth time he asked i told him "why are you asking me like i know this place? i dont know where we should park. jus park anywhere". he got mad after tat and yelled at me. i told him to go park by the gate. we go out of the car and i was looking around at all the cars. he got mad at me saying tat why am i acting so slow. i walked toward him and he pulled me by the arm and squeeze it really tight. it hurted so bad i let out a tiny scream right before we got to the salesman. I almost cried but i kept it inside because i know tat he will get more mad if i do cry. my hubby just laughed at me and it played it like a joke. when we went back to the car he would say " go ahead and cry, you could cry now!". then started to really cry because my arm was starting to sting and i was really sad that he would do tat. The person i love most would do that to me. tis was not the first time i got a bruise. he started driving and he yelled at me to stop. i couldnt because i was really sad. then he got a magazine and hit me with it twice. it made me cry more. he yelled at me to stop or hes gonna hurt me more. then i really tried to stop. he asked me where do i wanna go and i told him to my old house where we had all our memories because it was only a few street lights away. he asked wat we do after that and i told him then we will kiss and hug. he told me tat he thinks tat im jus asking to get hit. i got really sad and jus stayed still. he took us home instead and my arm was really stinging. when we got home i went to the restroom and cried my heart out. my eyes were swollen red. i checked on my arm and it was forming bruises of his finger tips. then i went to the bed and watched him play on his computer. then he was getting ready to go to work and i followed him to the restroom and i closed the door. i looked at him and he looked at me then he stretched out his arms and hugged me. i cried and cried in his arms. then i showed him wat he did to me. he looked at it and said tat it was an accident. i told him that i know its not an accident and he knows it too. i asked him why he did it and he told me tat it was because i was being stupid. i wanted to cry more because it seemed like he really thinks i deserve it. i really wanted him to see wat he did wrong. i kept asking why and i kept telling him tat i didnt see wat i did wrong to get this. he jus got ready and went to the front door i followed and he gave me another hug and kissed me. i told him tat he dont seem like he care and he said tat he does. i told him "your not even sorry". he told me tat he is. i knew he was jus saying to make me happy. he made these funny jokes and started acting childish and i started to laugh. he made me happy again.

i told myself tat i would try my best to be mad at him as long as i can. but it didnt last i was happy again. and now hes coming home from work and im happily waiting for him.

i know tat hes sorry for wat he does because he would come hug me at the middle of the night and cry in my arms telling me to forgive him. he knows that it was wrong but he was jus to mad.

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1 Response Feb 17, 2009

I'm so sorry to hear that you're going through something like this, I know how hard and confusing it can be when someone treats you really well one minute and then treats you really badly the next. I have been emotionally abused by my dad since I was three. And he can be really good and kind sometimes and then completly turn on me.<br />
It can be hard to tell if it is really abuse, and its easy to make excuses and convince yourself of what you want to believe, but in your heart you will always know if its abuse.<br />
I hope you can come through this, with or without your husband.