Well f*k me. Its not my fault if him & his family are a bunch of incestuous @ss fu*king abusive freaks who want to take all their hate & anger out on me & my babies. But justice system in this country.. Well, you wouldn't think so. @hell.
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Hope thinks are shaping up since you shipped out.

I know this woman who got good revenge on this *** hole bully who abused her lol


Best revenge is happiness :)

I am sorry to hear that. What happened?

Ah can't really remember what happened that particular day. A lot happened. He robbed me of everything, ruined everything else in my life with violence, lost my job, home, kids all our belongings.. Left to live in my car he's smashed. Oh yea, this day I got a payout for my stolen goods his mother gave to him after knowing he's stolen & bullied tens of thousands of dollars of me..

Sorry to hear that!

Just work to make each day a bit better than yesterday :)

I am. I'm on the way back up now thanks :)

My stolen (other) stolen property.. He's a meth addict & a sex addict & when I'd try & leave he'd hang himself in my shed etc. I've left tho, otherwise I wouldn't be allowed on here or to the supermarket or anything / anywhere..

That's too bad. Controlling types have it all wrong. It is best to let go...

Its so crazy. Just completely upside down.

Glad to hear you are on your way back!

Me too! ;D nice to meet you , thanks :)

Please don't wink at me. I am married and a wink turns me on :)

Bhahaa I didn't mean it like that lol, sorry, hardly know u n all

Don't say n'all either :)

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just because of money

Um yea possibly, sort of. I had some, sure don't anymore.