i don't like being touch.

in pictures, i am very aware of my distance with others.

it started with narc mother and continue with abusive boyfriend.

we were walking next to each other when suddenly he would hold my hand and twist it.

at first, i was shocked and in pain. i try to pull my hand and as i struggle, i realise he enjoy it.

hurting me.

i would cry, yelling, begging him to stop, and he didn't seem to care. he would stop when he feels like it.

some other time he would hold my arm so tight, it bruises.

it happen several times, and my codependency let him come back, and be his victim.

now, i am free.
but i have trust issue.

fien fien
26-30, F
1 Response Aug 21, 2014

One thing just leads to another, it's an on going battle we have.