I met my ex boyfriend at a job we once both worked at & I fell in love. It was perfect, so I thought. After 6 months I moved in with him because my mom and I didn't get along. Everything was fine, a few months passed and that's when it happened he pushed me really hard into the wall and as time passed it just got worse. I was scared to say anything, even to say "No I don't want to go to the movies anymore." He would slap me, bite me all over which left bruises all over my body, push me to the wall to the point where it cracks, and this one time he threw me to the floor, put his hands around my neck & started banging my head on the floor while strangling me. I never left him and I don't know why. The day I moved out back home to my moms we were still together. After 3 yrs I finally ended that relationship, but we still talk & see each other sometimes, the thing is i don't know why I still see him or talk to him, after all the pain he put me through, all the bruises, & all the put me downs.
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Dang.. He slammed your head? Wow

Did he ever tie your wrists above your head or behind your back then punch you in your belly or boobs?

No he didn't, but he was still abusive.

What a ****** up question! Must be a complete moron.

How you figure? She said she was abused violently. Just asked a question?

So you're describing some sadistic fantasies of yours? For some reasons, I do not think you're stupid, but I think you're an insensitive *******. But I don't like to pick a fight with young people. Plus she politely answered to your question, so who am I to judge?

I agree.what a stupid question

That's ****** retartted. Did you ever stop to think before u speak?or are u just stupid? That question deserves no answers. Its so retarted

You spoke of slamming her head. What's up with that remark? At least she responded to my question, ignored yours. Who's making stupid remarks now? Are you responding to your own responses. Back to back posts but minutes apart.

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What do you still have to say to each other?

Nothing really. I just don't know why he's still in my life

Don't worry. I think the majority of abused women in this forum still have feelings and still talk to their abusers. And a lot of them go back to their exes. They're the ride or die chicks!