I met this guy online. He was a charming guy at first. He would drink, but if I didn't like him drinking then he would stop drinking for me. He had two little girls living with him. He told me that he has another child with a woman and he has her pregnant too four children wow. I moved on March 24. He was such a sweet guy at first. We would get along just fine. We went to Wal-Mart to pick out some posters to put on the wall. He would make me feel very special. Then his true colors came out six days later. He got really drunk one night. I was making him mad so he started yelling at me, throwing stuff at me, he dent the door instead of my face and that is not a good thing. Then the next morning he got in my face and I got him out of my face then he corned by the bed and he hit me twice. My dad was up there to see the bruises the next day because I told my family about it. He hit me in stomach after the girls and I got home from church. He hated his oldest daughter, he would call her fat and he was just mean to her too. He adored the other girl. One day he got rough with the oldest girl and he was dragging her on the floor because she would not get up. The mom got caught doing drugs with them there, so that is why he had them. He would spank the oldest daughter more. He constantly trashed talked her. They told me not to marry their dad. He would get in my face. He threatened to kill his self if I left and he would make me watch him. He would corner me in closets to threaten me. He threatened to knee me in the face one day. He would put his hands on my throat and mouth, so the neighbors could not hear me screaming. He would take my keys and phone way, so I had no contact after he found out I told on him. My parents tried to pick me up and I ran from them because I believed him and he said they are going to force you to go to a Mental Hospital so I ran from them. He turned everybody against each other. I wanted to kill myself because the pain he was doing to me was horrible and I just wanted to end. That is the end of my story, now.
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I am so very sorry to hear that you had to experience all of this but I hope that the rest of your story ends with you getting away from this abusive person.

Did you know I got a restraining order on him?

Good for you! And no I did not as you only finished the first part of your story with a promise to tell the rest.