I have lost myself completely in this relationship. I want to be happy, and outgoing like I was before I met you. You took away my friends and family from me, and now I feel like you are all I have. Now you are all I have to rely on. I can't walk away from you, and you kill me more and more each day.
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18-21, F
3 Responses Aug 26, 2014

I can relate to the statement "you kill me more each day" that for me is at the centre of all abusive relationships and it doesn't matter what you do or how you try still each day you die a little more inside.

You're very young to think that! I got married when I was 18. And at some point, I felt the way you do right now. But because HE made me feel that way! Reach out to your family or your friends! And get out of that relationship! You shouldn't be with someone that disrespects you,or makes you feel bad about yourself! You are important, and you deserve much much better! And yes believe me yes you can walk away from that person! It's all in you, it's incredible to find out how much inner strength we have, once we really want a change for ourselves!!

I'm in the same situation as you I have been beaten abused belittled and accused of things I've never done. I stayed for 5 years lost all my friends my kids don't respect me I am so unhappy I want my life back so at 3:30 am this morning when he woke me up to fight with me and again accused me of cheating I finally had enough and I walked away. If you need to talk message me we can help each other.