I've never told anyone my story, I think it'll feel good to get it out in the open. I think people should tell their stories. It doesn't make you weak or a victim.
My ex was the perfect guy, strong and had a big heart. The relationship happened fast, the way he'd talk to me was like he'd never talked to any other girl this way. I felt like he saved me. We'd get into arguments and he'd say really awful stuff but he made up for it the next day. I really thought he must of loved me to be so protective and raw with me. It led onto physical fights, him grabbing my arm too hard or blocking the door for me to leave. He'd throw my car keys far away,or break my phone, break other things. I always had the option to leave, but never did, everyone thought he was a angel,I guess so did I. The worst fight we got into, not the first and not the last.
We went out down town to party, we we're having a great time. We got into a argument and split up, he wasn't afraid to fight me in public, by bystanders would either ignore it,or they'd cut in and call the police. I would always lie to the police and say I fell,I felt like he was always right behind me. We split up that night and I passed him walking down the road, of course I picked him up. He told me to get out so he could drive, and I let him. He kept calling me the worst obscenities, I kept crying. He kept speeding, wrecking my car into stuff. He kept taking the keys and getting out to pace around. He got back in and started hitting me while driving, he kept grabbing my hair and slamming my face into the dashboard and the window. While going over 100 on the freeway, I kept hoping a cop would pull us over. He kept saying I'm going to kill you tonight, no one will care that you die. It was like a horror movie. He said I'm taking you out to the woods to kill you, your so worthless. I was in shock and shut down,I couldn't breathe from crying. When he got off the highway and I realized he really was going to the woods,I grabbed the steering wheel and crashed is into a wall of a subdivision. I thought we were slow enough to wreck the car and I could run. But we crashed and my car was dented but still okay. A car full of guys pulled over to see if we were okay, but my ex kept driving. Hitting me even more, he drove us down a dirt road I was unfamiliar with. I found my cell phone, that had been thrown under the seat during the fight. I tried to go to the backseat to call the cops, but he fought to get the phone from my hands and threw it out the window. He drove further, and stopped the car and threw the keys down the road. I got out to start running and he tackled me and started choking me. I kept hitting him to free myself, throwing sand in his eyes. He got off me,I ran some more, he hit me in the back, knocking the wind out of me. Grabbed my hair and drug me. My beautiful white dress was covered in blood and dirt. I cut him with my nails, deep enough to let me go, face to face with him I kicked him where it hurt. I ran fast for my keys, jumped in the car, he was still in the same spot. He opened the door and tried to drag me out. I finally hit him with my Car I heard him hmph in pain. I actually stopped to make sure he wasn't dead, by then people where coming out of their homes threatening to call the cops. I took off,I had no idea where to go,I was crying so hard and drove to his moms to tell her to get her son. She was bewildered and told me to go to her neighbors to clean up , while she went to get him. I had no idea what to do. I was terrified of him, the neighbor gave me some beer to calm my nerves while I waited. I didn't sleep well and had to call my job to tell them I wouldn't be in. I finally left, dressed in strangers clothes. I had to go get my car from her house, where he was. I could only go to his dads house, which was an hour away, with no phone and no money. My dad had passed away prior to this, I couldn't tell my mom about this it would of crushed her. I went to his dads and he gave me xanex to sleep and collect myself. I knew I was safe there, I felt like I slept for days, not eating and no one to talk to. I woke up one morning and my phone was on the window seal. With a text from him saying how he couldn't live with himself.i didn't answer,I had no idea where to go next. He came over a few days later and cleaned my wounds, what irony, I actually took him back and we ended it a year later,I couldn't get over it.
I hope my story encourages others to share, even if your still in this situation. This experience made me stronger and I don't think I regret it.
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hi there pretty girl. I read your story, and it really touched me because I was in a abusive relationship myself for a few years. Tense experiences like those really evolve you, specially us woman into a stronger person and I swear I'm glad you left. My situation changed my life for good too, and now I don't take nobodies ****, raised my standards high. I have so much heart for people like you and you deserve the best. seriously.

its not ok period for anybody to get treated that way, you're stuck in a place where its dark, its agony, torchuring , we're always fighting for our lives to somehow get out if it, we're always looking for the light. some people just don't understand that, and for those that don't, maybe one day, somebody they know or maybe themselves might experience a similar situation. only by then will they be sorry and fully understand that dark world. hell and back.

good you got outta there. ive been there before. they never change