I was in a abusive relationship for ten years
all i knew were black eyes and swollen lips
never wanting to wake up for you feared of what the next day would bring
hide in from my family cause i was to scared to tell just dealing with all this pain by myself
wishing that something or someone would come to save me
CDavis227 CDavis227
36-40, F
4 Responses May 6, 2015

Ive been there.hope u got out ireally do YOU CAN survive without him.

I understand. ((((hugs)))))

I'm actually doing an advocacy video on domestic violence I could use some survivors to share their story or just an experience or even life after ... if you'd be interested

I've lived your life ... I've felt your pain ... and it's horrible ppl who have not been in our shoes will never understand the horrific terrible road we have walked ..alone scared and beaten ... so if you ever want to talk I'm here

Thank you
if you ever need me to write something that is cool i'm in

Yes that would 've amazing ... anything you'd like ... I just want girls and women to know that that lifestyle is not love that men like that don't change and the abuse doesn't stop ... fir no st anyways I know it didn't for me ... I can't speak for everyone but I want to give a voice to those who didn't get the chance to start over or get out ... and also suicide caused by these relationships ... I was that girl ... death was my only way out I thought so I was willing to leave my three daughters without a mother to escape a monster to end the pain .... and I just want to help in any way I can ... we are human beings not punching bags