I am making a you tube video as an advocate for domestic violence ...more women need to hear our stories more high school girls who are letting guys beat them at 14 years old ... this violence needs to stop .. so I am asking any survivors even if your still in that situation your a SURVIVOR to come forward and help me help others JUST LIKE US !!!!we have all had black eyes been demeaned and degraded. .. I want to make sure my daughter's your daughter's sisters friends mothers aunts cousins any woman doesn't go thru this and if they are they know they are NOT ALONE !!!!! Together we can all make a difference. ...KNOWLEDGE IS POWERFUL
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i think that is a wonderful idea. one thing you might research and include in your video is what are the warning signs? isolstionists, checking on whereabouts, trying to catch you in lies, ad infinitum. also, i never knew how to stand up for myself or know how to say NO and mean it. i avoided answering the phone if ididn't want to go or on a second date. i wish i had known how not to be intimidated by men and even got to practice with my friends in role play situations. practice makes perfect.

What about male abuse victims?

Yes male victims as well so maybe more parents will understand this IS HAPPENING NO MATTER THE GENDER OR RACE OR AGE ... I want to help women but men in these situations deserve a voice too ...

Alright, good. How will you be collecting your data?