I am thankful everyday that I left the father of my child. I still can't believe what I put up from him within the last year of our "relationship." A hard lesson learned and one that I will never forget is to never let someone belittle you, physically or emotionally. The door is right there and you always have the option to leave a situation.

I now not only have a much better life for myself, but have saved my son from any potential harm. I left after just a few episodes of abuse...the last being extremely horrific. Remember....a slap, a punch, a hand around your throat....it's never just once. It WILL happen again and it is your responsibility to protect yourself and your children.
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Glad you did get out. You are demonstrating that is not only possible but necessary to get out ot n abusive household. And yes, it willbbe difficult, and yes you will probably miss him/her, your kids will have questions. But everything is better than creating those horrible memories in your kids or waiting until they are also victims of abuse.

my sons dad and i had a house and he pulled me out of the shower by my hair, beat me, broke my ribs, busted my lip and left me with a black eye

Did you leave?

oh yea. i came back to my moms and he lives 9 houses down from her and barely even comes to see yhe baby

Sorry you went through this. I can tell you personally though it happens the other way around. People wouldn't never believe it.......big weightlifter, rugby player......for me it hurts more mentally than physically. But yes, it does happen. I am so glad you got out of it.

Thank you! It does take a lot of mental strength to leave. Abuse tends to escalate overtime leaving you wondering what is and isn't abuse...but typically if you have to wonder if you're being abused, then chances are you are. I learned that the hard way, but in a strange way it instilled a sense of wisdom

Well you have a great name that I am sure describes your future and outlook. Way to go Bright Eyes!