I know this is very open but I often think back to my past- and I can finally say it is the reason to why I am how I am today. I was in such a controlling relationship. Was never aloud to speak to the opposite sex, wasn't aloud to go out etc but he was. Why should I have too follow one set of rules whilst you ran free? My trust now is awful, I find it hard to trust and let others into my life. Being physically and mentally abused is the worse experience I've had to encounter. I know there's so many worse off but I really wouldn't wish it on anyone. If YOU'RE someone being controlled then please LEAVE. It will be the best thing you've ever done. It hurts but you'll soon come to realise how much more you're worth.
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Wow. I'm so sorry. I wish you healing and comfort. And that you find a healthy loving relationship where you can thrive !

Sounds like my ex, I also wasn't allowed to have a phone which I could access internet on, I was only allowed to have a crappy old phone while he had an iPhone and I was the idiot who paid his phone bill because he controlled my finances. I wasn't allowed to have male friends on Facebook either and whenever I went anywhere, he was there with me and even waited for me outside my work when I finished.

That sucks! everyone should be free to speak to who ever they wish, seeing those relationships is so alien to me I couldn't imagine someone asking me about who I talked to or why I went out to see people life's too short for that bs.

My god and your sooo young. i hope you never find ur self with another thing is these abuser start out oh so nice .

Being young defiantly made it harder too get out the situation- but I guess I can't dwell on it, thank you! I also hope to never find myself in that situation, and hope many other people can get out of these situations before it begins

I was in one also sad to say but every man iv been with was abusive towards me and I'm not just talking bout physical abuse i was so naive before i started dating and having relationships !!!
My thoughts were people got a long, NOT!! and why would any one create harm, just so they can !!??? it woke me the hell up!!

I had a 10 yr relationship like that, I can relate. I wanted it to work so bad I tried all I could. At times I had to keep my eyes to the ground to stop the ridicule. I left when I had nothing left to give. Now 9 yrs later I'm normal and am doing great. Whew! Those were dark yrs in my life. Your advice is spot on.

Blimey 10 years is a long time! I'm so glad you're out of the relationship now! It's one of them horrible things, you get so caught up in the relationship you start too believe it's normal and that everything's your fault- it's like a light at the end of the tunnel once you leave!

twoputt wow and ur a guy most guys don't stay that long !!