i stayed for 12 long horrible years. i stayed when he denied out first born because god forbid he have a girl. i stayed when he first raised his hand to me and the second and third time. i stayed because he said i was used and no man would want me with the 2 kids. i stayed when he threw his dinner at the wall saying it wasn't good enough. i stayed after he broke my arm. i stayed after he flushed my anti depressants down the toilet. i stayed when i was his joke to his friends. i stayed when i got into my accident and he got rid of all my medication for pain. i stayed after my surgery even though i was not to rest. i stayed after he dislocated my shoulder. i stayed after numerous affairs. i stayed even though i lost all my friends. i stayed even though he isolated me. i stayed when he wouldn't let me drive. i stayed even though i had no freedom. i stayed while bruised , beaten and defeated. i stayed because of money. i stayed because of the kids. i stayed because i believed his words. i stayed after he set fire to all my clothes. i stayed when he spent the last of our money to go out with the guys. i stayed when he got our heat and electricity disconnected i stayed because i was alone. i stayed because i didn't know my value. i stayed because i didn't know my worth. but when he moved his mom in with us because she needed help. i was ready to either hang myself or slit my wrist. I had no job no money no car. i packed up all my kids things and my things plus my dog and called my bff to come and get us while he was at work. i knew i couldn't go on but my kids needed me. i had nothing no college education NOTHING!!! but what i could fit into her car. scariest thing i ever did. i put myself into some classes..self esteem class (which don't mean to brag was most improved) some computer classes and got a job. i now know my value and my worth. and best of all i wasn't alone.
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Amazing job! You are an inspiration to someone enduring it now.

How do I find self esteem classes? I sure could use those

it was through the government ...best thing i ever did. try a womens shelter or group they also will have info

you are beautifully courageous!

You are amazing!

I'm glad you made it out, though I am so sorry you had to bear 12 years of it. I don't understand how a man can do that to a woman, but I know it happens far to often.

I hope someone else will leave there abuser because you posted this.

Have a beautiful day.

That's great! Well done to you for getting out of that relationship. I was in a similar one and I got out, I know how tough it is when your confidence is at rock bottom and you have nothing. I'm also a lot happier now.

True grit. You are a survivor. Sorry that you had to undergo all of this, now you can look forward to 65 years of bliss. Be strong, and be and example to others...

You're valuable! Your story and writing is powerfully amazing. Please continue to share because you help countless other people.

You made it out.
Well done and best wishes.