its emotional and mental abuse more than physical. and it hurts me more than the physical abuse.
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I'm mentally abused every day. Told I have a crappy job but can't do better despite me hAving a college degree and he doesn't. I'm told I'm ugly , fat, stupid and come from trash. He has stalked and threatened all my guy friends to the point they don't talk to me. He has argued and name called my girlfriends and now they won't speak to me. He regularly stalks my iPad, laptop, desktop and phone. He keeps a tool hidden that he uses to pick locks to any room I try to lock myself him. He has already "taken back" and then "given back" my Christmas presents he bought me twice and Christmas was just days ago. They now mean nothing and I don't want them. He records me on his cellphone and tries to make me mad so I'll explode with anger and he will say he'll put it online . When I was excited to go out with a friend in town for the holiday , he squeezed some fat under my bra and said he remembered when I was hot. All to bust my bubble because I was excited for a night out. We don't go anywhere or do anything, I have lost all desires , motivation and passion for hobbies and sports. I am dead inside. I watch him drink beer and work on his car all weekend every weekend and remember when life was so exciting and fun. I'm locked in by a lease and the threats of being sued for abandoning a lease when I try to leave him. 10 more months and I will be forever gone from him

i can relate to a lot of what you're going through. mine adored everything little thing abiut me in the beginning, and after he cheated I guess the guilt made him lash out, try to find faults in me. now he pucks at everything even when its not there. says im not all that, i used to he thicker(i lost weight from depression and loss of appetite) and just tries to put me down. he also attacked my best friend verbally in a reretaurant screaming at the top if his lungs. hes embarrassed me in more ways than one

Same here sister. In the beginning, it was honestly too good to be true. All too fast. He was so charming and wonderful and within a few weeks I was sure he was my soulmate. He would tell me things I never thought I would hear from a man. Now he is controlling and manipulative. It is sociopathic behavior. I am afraid. I am afraid of what he will do if I try to leave him. I find myself being nice to him out of fear.

mine just told me yesterday hes not in love with me anymore and he doesnt want to be with me. and he wants to me find someone who loves me as much as he used to...ymyesterd after much fighting he agreed ti have that conversation with me. now im fighting the urge to call and ask if he misses me still..

I'm in the same situation in I get out but I wanne go back it's a lot be confused

i knoww ! me too

So u left him

no i hami left before and im really confused about my feelings. i sort of feel like im just to see if he really loves me

Yea I'm in the same situation I left in now he want me to go back in I don't know what to do? I love him but my family don't like him either so it's slit bit hard because they say he very abussing

same here. my family doesnt want me with him..its like, how can i be with you and get married when no one will support us...

Don't do it, at the end it's not gonna care trust me in the only one that always going to be there at end its just family in when he decide to go he gonna put everything on you for try to make feel guilty about everything and make you believe that is your fault. And he can do whatever he wanne do

Your story it's sound like mine in trust me I be there for six year in I end up **** up
Now I wish I can go back and listen to everybody when they told me not to b there

yes! hes doing that right now. making it seem like its all my fault and im going regret losing him..he actually just said that thirty minutes ago..m

Yea that happen to me in u know no b like baby I'm sorry for everything I did wrong u was right I should never do that
In they going to believe that that everything is your fault in its not I used to believe it when u realize that nothing it's your fault u will n so much better in leave him u don't deserve it in when u have time for yourself do what you like u going to feel much better

U message me anytime u feel like talking to somebody I know exactly how u feel in sometime your closed friend call you stupid or type other **** because they don't understand what you going thru

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Ive been through both and I couldn't agree more if I was forced to choose I would prefer a black eye over mental abyss


Yea, bruises can heal, the mental and emotional lasts forever to some extinct and effects some many future relationships. It's hard to trust again

I've been there, I'm working on getting out now!