I think it happens, unfortunately, to too many. I hope everyone it has happened to find a way out, and can take back their power. I did, and you can, too!
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I'm so glad that you broke free and took back your own power. I've been lucky in that I haven't been in an abusive relationship. I feel safe with my boyfriend. But if I didn't feel safe with him, I wouldn't stay in the relationship. And I think he knows that.

I hope that others who are in abusive relationships can break free too.

I recently left with my now 5 month old daughter. I have nothing and it's the hardest thing I have ever done. I am having such a difficult time coming to terms with my life now. I feel like the shell of the person I once was. Beyond broken and no good for anyone. He harasses me, is being sweet and begging me to go back. I feel like I don't know who I am anymore. Thank you so much for your kind words.

I experienced similar things. Thank you for your advise

you're very welcome

My sister has been through two...her men always hated me too.

The phookas... ( said with what i as italian would presume is a north english accent..maybe manchester area..i dunno) feeling foolish dis mornin ; (

Mine put me in a coma.I'm a walking miracle, because my brain swelled up so bad. Explains my crazy, perhaps? lol

You ARE NOT CRAZY..YOU along with my other friends...show me what it means to be an equilibrium of MIND, HEART, SOUL, INTELLIGENCE...Im still working on all four.. trying hard , may fail..but you ROCK !!!!!

you are the original EP peep for me, Lozzy. Precious to me, my brother, my knight!


You're going to make me cry. I'm honored to have you!

why cry sweetheart ?

Because, in all my days, I have never had people like you who give a **** about me; you, and so many other friends here. You all are amazing!

Ever heard of a breath exhale causing hug ..like thst of s python? get resdy cos you are gonna get one now !!!!

Yaaaaay. I'm going to squeeze back!!

cough, cough,..help..csnt bresth..geez sis you hsve a tight hug !! lol

it's a Zen thing! lol!

Its a Lozzy thing

Amen! it's a we'll always be friends thing!

With my ups woooooooosssh and downs ..yep

I'll always be your friend, because that's what REAL friends do, regardless of ups, downs, sad, or happy!

I'm sorry your sister dealt with horrible people. I pray she is ok now

She isnt im afraid..it modified her mind set towards men.

I will pray for her, if I may?

of course :))

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Im out but i still love him and i Wanne go back to move there but I'm scare at the same time

Don't do it. I know right now, he's probably being sweet, right? Tweety, they don't change. I know it will escalate, and you don't deserve for him to maim, or even worse, kill you. Please, stay safe. You deserve more.

Yeah he being in sweet in told me a lot different things but when he get mad I can tell that it's not changed that he still the same
But I love him even when he doesn't do anything for me

It's hard. The coma mine put me in swelled my brain. I had to relearn everything. walking, talking, every day things we take for granted. when someone beats you, verbally abuses you, that is not love. I beg you, please don't go back to him.

Yea I going to abusing relationship but it's not Couseling

I mean it's not helping me

message me, ok?

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