now I know this is nothing compared to some of the stories I just seen on here, but here it goes....I started dating my boyfriend almost 6 years ago...during the 6 years we have been through it all....he was locked up we had a son...we dated other people. got back together, and now not only do we have a son but a 8 month old daughter. I don't know what do cuz our relationship was nothing like it is he doesn't take me to see my family I have to fight with him to be able to see them. he wants sex on demand but an argument when I say no...he controls how I spend money, he takes my money...he won't let me talk to anyone or go anywhere without him being beside me....the other night he slapped me for the first time because I hit him to get his attention away from our son because he hits him way to hard....we are living with my boyfriends mother and she doesn't do anything because she is scared of him as well....I've seen him smack her so many times....he demands her to give him money, he won't keep a job, he won't let me get a job. i can't even go out and chill with friends. I'm stuck in the house all the time. don't even have cable or internet barley ever have a phone so it's just me and the kids and my boyfriend when he's not out with his friends....I need advice on what to do....
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leave him he will ruin your life if you allow him to continue

my boyfriend has broken my collar bone and strangles me.! I can't get out.!!!!! I don't have anyone or a job to get me away.!!! I even resorted to drowning myself.! he's broken my wrist and bruised my lip and blinded my left eye for two whole days.! get out when you can because it gets worse.! To the point you would risk trying to kill yourself when he's angry.!

You need to get out safely and asap for your sake and your children's sake