I've, been in an abusive relationship. Feels kinda weird even mentioning it. But yeah, all he wanted from me was sex.... and share me with his buddy's.... I've gotten every time I no, until I just gave up and let happen. I was ashamed to talk to my parents or anyone about it. Eventually, my teacher had some marks and bruises on me, and just told her everything. My brother even kicked his ***. :) Right now he's serving 2 years in jail on numerous counts of rape, sexual abuse... So just wanted to let some girls out there know that not everyone is perfect. Your not alone in this. We all have our imperfections, but we're still beautiful and God still loves us all the same, don't ever think otherwise or let people downgrade you. because it's them who has to answer for they're sins against u. truly hoped I helped someone. I'd u need to talk. priv. message me anytime. I'm here for you.
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You're a brave woman! I appreciate you telling your story and mirror your sentiment that no one is alone in this. Glad you're here and helping out those who have been in similar experiences. More women need to step up like you did and be saved from their abusive relationships. Keep up the good work.

thank you, I really appreciate it

They don't have to be 18 or 25 or 35 they can be 50 and still be ******** and only want one thing and I hope they all get their comeuppance

The important thing here is that you spoke up!