tonight at about 5 am I woke up my boyfriend wasn't laying next to me in bed. I went downstairs he was passed out on my couch. I woke him up telling him come up to bed with me. he wasn't budging . so I asked again. He through this he is really tired lately because he doesn't go to bed properly so I don't know if he was in his sleep or what. he started yelling at me calling me a dumb *****.... all I wanted to do was simply get him upstairs. He went off ...calling me an annoying ***** to leave him alone. like it was ****** up behaviour... and I'm like getting upset because what the **** did I anyways he springs up and goes up to bed. and start crying because it's erotic unknown behaviour. seems as if he's to tired or stoned off pot to comfort me.. usually we cuddle when we sleep. nothing. hes just pissed off. telling me to stfu I'm annoying. leave him im so mad. I should of left that son of a ***** on the couch. I hate him for the way he makes me feel. I can say I hate him.
sonsofanarchyy sonsofanarchyy
1 Response Mar 6, 2016

Leave him. You deserve better.