My live in boyfriend spit in my face. Then he threw something at me. I am so anxious and feeling unloved.
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36-40, F
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That's not very nice.

I know everyone is going to say this... I know you probably won't do this... but I'm going to tell you anyway honey.

leave him

leave him

oh dear God please leave him

you really are worth so much more. no one should ever abuse you. ever.

someone else WILL love you. really really love you. you're wasting time that you could be spending with this lover somewhere out there while staying in a relationship where you will find nothing but a constant cycle of abuse and pain.

leave leave leave please leave him

If he violent tell friends and family and get him out your life. I know it's hard but I wish I had given my violent partner less chances and want to help others not make the same mistakes I did. Stay strong X.