It Was Love, Yeah Right....

I was 16 and he was 17 and when i met him i thought he was different, he seem so sweet. Yeah okay that way one of his faces to his personailty.

Are relationship to me was a nightmare, I never thought i was going to be in a relationship like that.

I remember the first time i ever got hit by him. It was over something stupid we were fighting and i was way from him, and he pull my hair so hard, and slam me in the wall and told me don't you ever walk away from me. I look at him like who do you think you are, I push him and told him get you hands off me. Yeah i shouldn't of done that. He slap me so hard that my face turn red, that's when i was so mad i push him so hard and told him back the f**** up, I got another slap in the face for saying that. I pull me on the bed and i was screaming and telling him get off me, and trying to push him off me. He slap me so hard my ears started to ring, I started to cry and then i gave up, he had my arms pin'd under his. He look at me and started to kiss my cheeks and move my hair out of my face. He told i'm sorry and i love you. He help me up and i just look at him and walk away. That was the worth feeling ever.

That wasn't the first or last time him and i got into. Yeah i know what you people are thinking why didn't you leave him?? I thought it was love, and i didn't think anything other then at that, I thought it was me he was hitting me cause i wasnt doing what he ask me to. Yeah I was stupid 16 year old.

I remember that one time he got so bad that i had to grab a pillow and cover my stomach. He got so mad that he kick me in my stomach and slap me on my face. I was so scared, but i laughed and he got more mad. no I didnt think it was funny I was laughing cause i didnt want to cry.

girlygirl21 girlygirl21
18-21, F
Feb 17, 2010