Basically Raised On A Plane...

I have no idea how old I was when I first went on a plane, nor could I count how many I've been on since, easily 100+ flights.
I love flying, although those long haul 11 hour flights really kill me sometimes. On the plus side, free alcohol on most long flights!

As a result of flying so much I've developed my own weird flight habits. Of which I think my favourite is that during takeoff I always have to lean forward, just a little, as a kid I used to think of it as beating the plan because it couldn't push me back into my seat!

I think I love flying so much because I know that it means I'm in for a treat at the other end, always got to love arriving at a new destination.
aussie003 aussie003
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1 Response May 22, 2012

haha thats so funny lol i used to do the same thing when i was a kid lol i totally forgot about trying to see if i can beat the plane lol