The Airplane Experience

I was on an Airplane only twice. I was going to Switzerland to visit my uncle.

Anyway nothing much happened on the firts flight - I was really excited to be on a plane for the first time. So I didn't notice the shabby service I got.

The second time was a different story. When the plane started to descend my ears started ringing and suddenly there was pressure in them like they were going to explode. This went on for the 20 most uncomfortable minutes in my life.

Later I was told that it happened because the pilot began the descent too soon or something. Whatever. All I know is, I'm never flying Montenegro Airlines again.

Saigo Saigo
18-21, M
1 Response Jun 30, 2008

I want to make a spec ad of a mother and her infant taking a plane ride, the child's first with the background music of "To The Sky" by "Owl City". The track is perfect for an Airline Ad. The ad would end<br />
with "The First Flight is Special", "Make It Magical with Lufthansa" or any other Airline Brand. It would begin with the child awe-struck by the huge airport, then the ticketting staff will cuddle him/her, put <br />
their cap on him/her, the child will stare all around at the shops, people and then as they enter the plane the air hostess will again smile and welcome them. The kid gets strapped on to the seat and<br />
is bewildered as this sudden turn of events, the kid is 3-5 so he/she picked the window seat obviously. The air hostess helps the mother load the hand bags on the overhead space. As the plane starts the<br />
child gets terrified and starts crying, arms out calling for Mamma's help, she puts her arms around him and exchanges smiles with the concerned air hostess. Suddenly teh vibrations stop as the plane lifts off and the audio reaches the lyrics "as you take to the skies...there is a realm above the trees", the kid stops crying and turns towards the window and with CGI graphics we would show really big wide eyes as the terror turns to awestruck wonder, and the music turns to the "ta da tata tada tata ta ta" part, then quick shots of the child using the air hostess button, getting pillows, getting blanket, getting food, water, milk, etc and of course the air hostess is given angel wings with CGI when she offers him a plate full of candy which he takes with both hands (inspired scene from Speed Racer movie) The 60 second ad ends and every parent who sees the ad makes sure their next family trip is on that airline. there are many magical sounds in the track, at those moments when the kid is looking out the window there can be animated glowing magical flying jumbos and ponies, dogs, why maybe even superheroes and characters all waving to the child