Traveling With My Little Sister

This afternoon me and my family were heading to Miami for the weekend and it was an adventure so I thought I would share the story.

Last month my mom bought a vacation house down there so this weekend we all were going to go down there to get settled in.

Whenever we go on vacation my sister Erica always wants to bring her whole room with her, so my moms rule is she can bring two stuffed animals and one doll.
Well my sister might look sweet and cute but really she can be very bratty. So today I was packing my bags and she asked if I could help move her teddy bear down stairs. I thought she just meant a little one, but no she decided she was going to bring "Chubby" this is one of those teddy bears that is bigger than I am like the kind that you find at Walmart and Costco during Valentines day, I discovered why she needed help, the bear was super heavy for some reason, it has a zipper in the back and I found out later that Erica stuffed him full of toys, her way of twisting my moms words, she said she could only bring 3 things so she figured why not stuff it all in a big bear. And with enough whining and crying she convinced my parents to let "Chubby" come on vacation. She also tried sneaking her cat in her backpack, but I convinced her that he might not flying and it would be better if he stayed home.
I should explain now that we in Texas about an hour and a half out of Dallas, so we have a long drive to the airport which presented another problem with this huge bear. Erica buckled him in next to her, so me and my boyfriend were forced to sit in the third row, a Navigator might seem roomy but a giant stuffed bear takes up a lot of space.

I could tell that this was going to be a very interesting vacation.

My mom hates airports and  flying commercial airlines so when she or my dad travel  for business or vacation they usually fly in a private jet, we dont own one but still a heck of a lot more comfortable than flying on a regular airplane. Its also a lot faster, we dont have to go through security or anything the car pulls right up next to the jet.
They got the bagagge loaded and Erica almost had a level 5 tantrum when they were going to put Chubby down with the suitcases, and so you can imagine the flight attendants suprise when instead of 5 passengers there were 6........a very fat and squishy one. But he got buckled in his own chair, and the pilot said he's never flown a bear before so it was first for all of us.

I have been in jets and helicopters quite a few times before, there isnt much differnce between a regular sized air plane and a jet it feels the same flying although take off and landing can be kinda scary, because you go straight up and straight down but I guess it saves time.
Once we were up in the air it was pretty smooth although whenever I fly the pressure hurts my ears and gives me a head ache, and it didnt help on top of that that Erica was super hyper she was bouncing all around.

My parents have a system they use that helps them relax and block out us kids when we get hyper and obnoxious, it called strong alcoholic drinks and Bose headphones. My mom was relaxing reading magazines and my dad was working on his laptop and neither of them were aware of the lunatic kid bouncing off the walls. Erica wanted me to play with her but I was trying to read and my boyfriend Preston was trying to do homework  so he couldnt play either so Erica got bored and went to see who else she could annoy.
The pilot and flight attendant said they dont usually fly with kids very often so they thought she adorable and the flightattendant gave Erica lots of soda cookies and candy (lets blame her for making Erica hyper lol) and she was even playing along asking is Mr. Chubby wanted apple or orange juice.
Somehow Erica wandered into the cockpit and started talking with the pilot, and he was telling her about how planes work. She was asking him all sorts of questions about why all the buttons do and what its like to fly. She must have been really talking his ear off because, we were all sitting there and suddenly the plane starts tipping.............which caused panic amoung us all, my mom screamed and gripped the arm rests looked as white as a sheet, my dad was sleeping and about had a heart attack because he thought we crashing (I will explain that later) Preston spilled his soda all over his face and flight attendant almost fell over, I tried to stay calm but I was definetly shocked its weird being in a plane that size and sitting upright one minute and sideways the next.
The pilot stayed calm and got control and apologized for the slight "turbulance" ha ha ha yeah right thats what it was, Erica came back and took her seat everyone was still recovering from the scare and my dad said if she didnt sit down and behave she would be in trouble. He then told a story about years ago he was flying over a mountain range in nothern California if was just him and a pilot alone in a plane much smaller than this one, they were flying over a lake when out of no where the engine went out................the plummeted straight down saying last prayers because they knew they probably wouldnt make it. But the pilot started the engine again, and they got back on course and didnt have anymore problems, he said that when he was sleeping he thought thats what was happening again.
He told Erica "Look at my hair, you see the color its turning........gray right.....thats not from old age thats from you kids worrying me!!!!!"

The flight attendant thought it would be a good idea to distract Erica with a movie and  put in Alice in Wonderland, that is one weird movie : /

We were served dinner it was chicken cordon bleu wasnt wonderful but wasnt horrible lol.
Before we knew it the pilot said we would be landing shortly.

I think we were all glad to be safely on the ground away from Erica ha ha, and I hope we have a "normal" return flight, but with a little pipsqueak like Erica I highly doubt it.
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Sep 15, 2012