The Flight I'll Never Forget...

I had to do a little bit of searching for this one, because if I say it was a flight with a 2-propellor plane I start to look as blonde as I am. :p

Found it, pfff. (Took me half an hour or so....)

I think it was at the end of the '80s, maybe even beginning of the '90's. A friend invited me to come to a small airstrip where a friend of his and some plane-club guys (with their partners/friends/buddies) had a restored Douglas C-47A Skytrain (DC-3A). They were going to take it for a spin...

I had only flown twice or so, with a "normal" airliner. I didn't (and still don't) know much about airplanes. But I do know that people have no wings and aren't supposed to fly. Getting on this thing was fine, it looks mostly like a bus with wings.

Then it starts... Whoaaa noisy bugger!!

Then it starts to move on the runway and I started to wonder about shock absorbers...

Sudden stop and next the noise from the propellor engines increased nearly tenfold. (Perhaps less, but it was impressive!)

Slowly and increasingly faster humpety-bumpety over the runway, whilst the interior rattled as if it was going to fall apart any second...

And then we were off... Everything still rattling and noisy, but a lot less and I was glad we made it.

When the plane levelled out the guys from the club send us one by one to the front, to have a view from the cockpit. I must say, it looks just like your average classic European car, just a few more gauges and knobs. Compared to one of a 737, this thing looks like a pedal car (to stay with the car analogy).

Anyway, the guys in front seemed to have things under control and we stayed up in the air, so I gained some trust in the noisy machine. I went back to my seat and enjoyed the view from the window. It was great!

After a few minutes someone announced that they were getting ready to their tests. (I don't remember the actual term they used). Anyway, my friend was so kind to explain that we were going to land soon, but won't stop, we were going to pull up again. WTF? That plane was not only very old and restored, but they were really taking it for some serious test-'flying'. I only remember the first time landing and taking off again. The rest is all a blur...

I think I stick to rollercoasters next time, if I want a joy ride. Those are on rails. At least it has something it holds onto (normally speaking).

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An interesting , amusing & well written story ,I enjoyed it.