i posted a question about getting scanned like a criminal to get onto a flight and how shocking and degrading it is!  a person stated that I should be greatful b/c then a [sycho will not hijack the plane.  Does that mean that we then should do that for all means of transportation?  why one over another?  males no sense!  why not do it for busses or cabs or cruise liners etc. ?  It is aweful to be treated like I am about to be locked up or something.  I have NEVER been to jail or have been treated in this manner in my life!  Why am I subjected to this when I have never done anything remotely to be??  My child in a freakin wheelchair who can barely move was treated in ways i cannot express and they were trying to make him move in ways to get to certain body parts.  I was LIVID!!!!!!!!  they said they were doing it to protect others/  I asked in a demanding way if there was EVER anyone in a wheelchair that has blown anything up and they sheepishly said no.  but they have to check in case a person is faking this.  OMG!!!!!!!  This is wrong...so freakin wrong.  Why do we as regular people have to be treated in a horrific manner b/c of rare whackadoodles?  why am i getting punished??????  wrf?????????

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You didn't deserve to be treated so horribly. You have every right to be angry


Sad and really disgusting. i went through heavy security check in Seoul and they wanted to check my luggage, They also spent time making sure nothing was amiss. They were really nice but just wanted to see what was in my bag. Havingto treat a person in a wheel cahir is not that good and they should have some kind of training.

thanks. we all go through it and i am never gonna fly again unless i have to! help to know before hand though that i have to go through this...was a shock!