My First Airplane Ride

My first airplane ride was to Ireland.  My mom and I went after I graduated from high school.  I was so excited.  However, when we loaded the plan we found that my mom and I were given seats that were not together.  That was okay until I found out that I was sitting by the window that over looked the wing.  I looked out the window as we were taking off and seen duct tape and there was a screw missing.  I flipped out! It didn't help that there was a baby right behind me crying it's head off.  I just knew that plane was not going to land in Chicago where we would catch our plane to Ireland.  It made it, finally, but I prayed the whole way!  Luckily the plane to Ireland I was in the middle and couldn't see the wings.  I pretty much slept the whole way over.

beaglewoman beaglewoman
26-30, F
Nov 28, 2007