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Never as a patient or family of a patient, but I've done quite a few clinicals on them. Funnest place in the world...if you're not a patient. Lol. You see some crazy things though. Very intense a lot of the time.
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Been in a NOT like it a bit!

Not so much fun after bad car wrecks.

No, when someone is dead it just sucks.

I was referring to being the patient. Before I finally got diagnosed with ADD, totaled at least six cars. Including hitting a Cadillac head on, both of us were going 60 MPH. The impact threw the change out of my jeans pockets.

Wow. Yeah, they're definitely not good. Two of my best friends have died in car wrecks.

Retired Fireman of 23 years, I could tell you some stories. Never regeted being a fireman, wish I was still there is someways.

if your a patient it generally means you're in too much pain to care ...and when you reach the mian A&E dept ... they generally drug into a stupor that rivals the most awesome drunk feeling in the world :)

Dunno where you live. It ain't much like that here.

??? in what way?

Less than half of my patients were in so much pain that nothing mattered. Most people aren't actually that emergent. Also, they don't dole out drugs like candy in our ERs. They're pretty anal about pain meds these days.

Running code 3 working on a patient from a mva, tough but fun ride standing up in back

Yeah, I used to look forward to that. Now I just picture my friends on the cot.

Trust me that's a nightmare

it's a nasty feeling and thought when you imagine your own friends or family on the stretcher ... all i can suggest is trying to logically shut down your mind from excess emotions and dealing with the people you see as problems to be solved ... it's a truly terrible thing to suggest but also the best way to assure your own mental stability and that you give your patients the best care

I'm sure I'll get over it, it's just kind of fresh still. Two of my best friends have been killed in car accidents within the past 2 years. The last was a few months ago.

:( i'm very sorry to hear that x ... fo rme it was myself and my sister being carted off numerous times due to a genetic heart condition ... the person i feel most sorry for in my case is my father who has sat over both of us numerous times in the abulance to the A&E dept and then on an emergency medical plane to a specialised dept ... and the last time it happened ...we lost my sister ... it's a truly terrible thing but only re-emphasises my point that if you plan on working in critical ambulance care you have to find a way to detach your core emotions ... or else it will kill you slowly dealing with the pain of seeing so many people in pain and dire straits

I'm aware. I can turn it off, but it's irrelevant currently because I'm not working in the field right now.

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In grad school I worked ER psych Friday and Saturday nights. I worked with what the ambulances brought in. Holy cow, that was an awakening.

My niece rides an ambulance as an EMT, she is always telling me stories...... she also packs a gun since she has to go into some areas that aren't exactly safe.

Wow. We aren't allowed to carry guns here. Which is kinda sucky, but it makes sense. Any weapons are just things the patient can take from and use against you. It's best just to stay fit and learn personal defense.

it isn't for the patients, it is for all the other people around who might decide they want to interfere with them doing their job.

I'm aware of that, but the patients can be violent. They take the gun and then what? You just gave them a weapon and you have none. It's better to be trained to handle violent situations.

My niece has had weapons training as well, and they always ride as a team.

Yeah, we pretty much always have 2 on a rig. Anyway, whatever works.

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What do you do for work?

firefighter paramedic, retired

Thanks for serving. :)

me too, where i worked for years