Support Group Therapy

I used to go to group and support group.

It became a addiction. and I will say it helped me to some degree just to know I wasn't alone.

I seen a good psychiatrist (dr harmon) who would run rings around many therapists - such a elegant and dignified lady that reflected that back to her clients and patients.

I had a bad experience with a counsellor (JOyce) and she used to say bad things to me

"have sex out of anger", "prostitute your way thru life" and "cinderella complex", "welfare mantality just cuz I was getting austudy and at uni" she said "no man would ever love me until I got down on my hands and knees and barked like a dog" and that "what ever happens to your sister happens to you"... she told me to leave uni, backpak around australia, and cut off all family. she told my mother to kick me out of home and that my fathers business would fail and he was a looser and mental.

I felt so abused by her at least group didn't do that to me, but group had some failings...some woman were not as well educated as me and started abusing me cuz I was well spoken and academic. but I wasn't pretty. and they knew that and worked at hurting me over that. I tried to do things new with myself to look a little bit prettier to get men to like me, but it never worked. and I have lernt my lesson with that now.

group was good to let it out with caring people around.
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Red,<br />
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Here is my group therapy story. I had been with my therapist for about 7 years (I am no longer with her, not in therapy right now) but she wanted to start a sexual abuse group therapy to see if the more advanced patients like myself could make a break through for other patients who were stuck. So I did a consent form and it was me, my therapist and another girl. She was older than me and more educated. She was very high level educational and always talked in her head. I noticed that she didn't seem to connect with her words.<br />
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What I found chilling is that she went on the no holes barred attack on our mutual therapist. It made me uncomfortable. She kept looking at me for validation but all I could do was watch her in action. She put me down a couple of times by telling me in a base sort of way that "you are so connected with your emotions. I find that interesting, and rather odd." So I looked at her and told her, "what I find odd is that you are an abuse victim but you are not upset about it. Where are you hiding?" And then she changed the topic, and after more attacks at our mutual therapist the session was over. And she rattled on and on about how we didn't need the therapist and how we could get each other better by ourselves and how she was planning on giving me consent to have her phone number so that we could have some talks over coffee at Starbuck's. I agreed and we left. I didn't see my therapist for two weeks and when I had my next session with her she told me that the other woman had given her consent to talk to me. I started off by telling her, "You know Cyndy, I liked her but boy when she started to attack you in that fashion I was very shocked and it made me uncomfortable. I kept thinking, wholly hell and she wants to talk to me personally, where is she going to use her rage at next on me? Oh hell no!" Then I told her, "Under no circumstances will I see her in a capacity other than with the confines of this space."<br />
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Everyone has there own "stuff" to deal with, and I wanted to help this girl but she was so full of rage and she had been abused for YEARS by her father. Her father was in law enforcement so she hated authority figures. I have my own pain, and I want to share with people how some of the shame has washed off of me but I'm not that self-confident to have someone attack my views and have me be on the offense. I don't believe it's a game, this taking control of the pain and the management of it. It's hard work and has taken me quite a while to overcome. I still have some bad days.<br />
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I think I would try group again but I'm trying out forgiveness right now. The anger was a revelation, I believe the forgiveness will be too.<br />
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To be continued!<br />
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