Getting The Love Of My Life Back

 AT this moment in time I feel very emotionally unavailable, why is this? it all started when I was about fifteen years old me and my best friend since 12 lost our virginity's together. That was a good thing but after a few years we had our ups and downs and I hurt her a vast amount of times as she did to me also. She took care of my puppy while I was forced to be away for about two weeks and I called her everyday not only to check up on him but also to see how she was tell her I loved her etc. I dated her for another 3 months and broke up with her because I felt I couldn't trust her and was always looking over my shoulder to make sure there wasn't a blade there. I recently have had troubles reconnecting with her because as she says she feels like the old me and can't truly find herself and feels her heart is gone and the old her who was so deeply in love with me is hidden deep inside of her. All in all I want her back so very bad. I will do anything to get her back and giving up is not an option. Someone please give me some heart felt advice.

JordanR JordanR
18-21, M
Nov 8, 2009