Where Have You Been?

this is a question that is asked a lot. But do people really care? I know some people say they do then others act like they could care less.

But still it's nice to know that some one does care. And I've seen it a lot with my family. Doesn't anyone out there know the answer.

the song by pink floyd goes is there anyone out there?

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5 Responses Mar 19, 2009

just cking in ladee, hubby still in hospital,,,,bummer, my son is here visiting with me.

okay ladee54, i've been gone a while so what is pm?

hey ladee54 how the heck are you !!!!!! lets do chat, hope things are well with you and yours.

hey Randy182, thanks for the info, pink floyd reminds me of a lot about life. (in a weird way), remember that song, feeling numb? I think that is the title.

That album "The Wall" answered that question at the end. A very select few do care. They are the ones.<br />
<br />
Many are indifferent and just move about life in a zombie state of mind - latching onto what the latest trend is. Then there are the thinkers and feelers. They are the ones you need to look for.