Leave Me Alone

Hey my mom juss came back into my life again n I juss want 2 go back 2 my aunty n grandparents but she want let me cuzz all my mom want is the money she yells at me sometimes n I want 2 cry she was doing drugs n stuff I have not seen her do it but 1 day when me n my aunty n cousins came to her house she was she eouldn't even let us n it was a pipe n her purse I knw it was a pipe cuzz my bro n them told me my mom took money from my grandparents n aunty n caused us not to have heat food or lights n I think everything she put us through is my fault cuzz she my mom n I m suppose 2 protect her n fam my mom went 2 jail so many times I didn't have a mom or dad I get called ugly or talked bout n when my mom mess up I think its my fault sometimes I wish I die or I think bout killing myself n I m 13 the first time I smoked I think I was 9 cuzz my mom was doing it almost every body I knew was doing it mom y did u come back n 2 me n my bro life we was doing fine with out u we all was
ulive1time ulive1time
May 12, 2012