Sharing My Wife

I have wanted to live out my fantasie of sharing my wife with another man while I watch, but I still have some reservations about if this will be a positive thing or not. I have read alot of blogs and such and all the verdict indicated it is positive. I want to know if anyone else has done research on this and if they could share. The more detailed the better.
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Thanks for sharing......I can understand your wife not wanting to be involved and I am truly sorry for you ending up divorced, but in the end you deserve you wants/needs and so does she. It appears that the other part of your marriage wasn't satisfying enough for you to each forgo what you needed. I hope you end up with someone you can share your entire life with. Good Luck.

I thank all of you for your comments, I see it is boiling down to a matter of opinion, just for the record, I really wanted this to happen and when I tried appraoching my wife of 25 years about this, she said absolutely not and this became the catalyst for our eventual marriage breakdown. I am okay with this as this situation flushed out alot of other underlying issues that have not been dealt with and now that I am single again, I will be sure to pick a partner in the future more suited to me, rahter then be in a marriage that is not based on real honesty and where we are so different in one area that is very important to me.

Tick Pink......why so judgemental, if this isn't for you, don't read it, also it appears that you don't understand it, so to you it's wrong....Ok..then don't bother with it. no need to make negative comments.......

I've done the research.<br />
<br />
I was always an extremely jealous man.<br />
<br />
I learned that I don't own her and it's not my place to chase off the glances of other men. She's beautiful and is going to catch their eye. <br />
<br />
What I had to learn is that she loves me enough to respect me and not do anything that will hurt me. Our deal is if she needs to screw someone else, she'll tell me. If I'm okay with it, then she can with me there to keep her safe. If I don't like him, then it's off. <br />
<br />
Best thing is that deal works both ways!<br />
<br />
Part of the deal is emotions. If emotions start to stray, then we'll terminate what we have before moving on with another. This may sound cold, but it gives me piece of mind that I'll NEVER have to worry about her cheating and breaking my heart. <br />
<br />
I've also learned something. Watching live sex is awesome. Knowing that I get to take the star home is incredible! Getting her home, having her come after me and beg me to take her and make her mine again is beyond description. <br />
<br />
I'd do that every weekend if I could!