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When I was born, the relationship between my biological father and mother was unstable to say the least. My biological father was a bit obsessed with my mother, by the stories I heard. He actually had scars up and down his arms from a time he chased my mother down the street cutting himself threatening to kill himself if she left. Not very healthy :/ . That's just one of many stories.

Anyhow, due to some things that happened, my father was guilted into surrendering all his rights as a father, not legally, but verbally when I was just a few days old. He never saw me or my mother until a few years later.

My mother was working in a local ***** club and my biological father just happened to come into the club. He acted really nice and claimed that he was a changed man that would like to be a part of his daughter's life. So, my mother agreed to give him visitation.

The time came and he picked me up for what was supposed to be a few days. When my mother came to get me, we were nowhere to be found. My father and his girlfriend had moved with me. She did not know where I was or how to find me.

At that time, from what I hear, I was quite a brat, like a lot of two year olds. I screamed when I didn't get my way and I must have been really bad, because my mother used to get kicked out of public places due to me.

I guess being a father was not quite as easy as he expected, because according to his words later, at that time, when he stole me from my mother, the only way I would not throw a fit is if he let me use the couch as a trampoline.

He only lasted two weeks with me, because one day when I was jumping up and down on the couch, I fell and hit the end of a glass end table. I cut my head pretty bad and was rushed to the emergency room. The scar is hidden in my hair now.

At the emergency room, I was given back to my mother. I guess he realized, parenting is not so easy.

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That must have been an interesting two weeks. Did you have much contact with him afterward?

No, not until I was a lot older.