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At some time in each of our lives, someone has lied to us and hurt us with those lies. Why can't we all just be honest about things. Is it necessary to hide behind lies? Can people not face the consequences of telling the bald truth? So, you aren't as pure as the new fallen snow. Who is? I would much rather know what to expect from you, than have you put on a false front until you have me believing in your wonderful self, only to discover later that you are not at all what you seemed. I just read a story by a young man who has said he needs friends, but that he needs people who can tolerate his drama. And to not add him to their circle if they think they can't handle what is going on in his life. I commend him on his honesty. I can't add him to my circle, because with all the drama that is happening in my life at this time, I knew I could not handle any more. We came to an honest understanding. Wouldn't it be a better world if we could all be as up front as this young man? He may not get as many people joining him in his circle as he would have if he lied and sneaked around and pretended to be something else, but those he does get, will never have reason to call him a liar.

Let's all try to be a little more honest in our dealing with other people's feelings. Yup, even those of us here on EP actually have feelings which can be hurt by deception.
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I like what you had to say. Just saying that help me to feel safe disclosing the honest truth. Unfortunately, honesty is sometimes punished and non-redemptive by others. Why should that matter? It doesn't have to matter, but sometimes I make approval more important or I'm just scared senseless. I just broke up a long term relationship because she was a pathological liar. I'm not made at her, I just know I could never trust her. In one way, people should lie - because they do. It's reality. Also part of reality is our displeasure of dishonesty. Most of my friends are very honest, which is a huge reason they are my friends.

The truth is always the best option, no matter what!

Yes, it is. Either truth or silence. I am not saying that we should blurt out the truth about everything; like if we see someone walking down the street wearing a truly ugly flowered outfit, doesn't mean we need to yell that fact out just be cause we believe it would look better as a sofa, than on a person.

Ha! Of course not! But I hate it when someone would tell the person wearing that ugly outfit, "That's so pretty!"

YA to me i feel like we should try to be more like pure fallen snow, instead of dirty lying snow lol

I agree.

I totally agree with every word of this.... Hugs for saying it all so well.. :)

Yes, I figured YOU would be one who would agree with this. You seem to be a very up front and honest person.