Made Me Feel Better Today!

I have had a s hit day today and this has made me feel better... yay earphones so I dont teach my little girl bad words lol

Direct link because EP basically sucks and wont link like 99% of other websites do and i cant  be arsed quite frankly.
Gemzaayy Gemzaayy
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2 Responses Jan 6, 2013

love pink ...never thought id say that lol

I knew it!!! LOL

Nothing showing up my end except words, no embed or link!

I know, EP IS ******* USELESS... try the direct link

Link is now there, you must have been updating as I was writing.

I have been about 900000 times... I was pissed off enough without this :S

They are glitching like crazy, I've discovered another person whose been unfairly red dotted!

They dared criticise EP?... I aint a tin foil nutter but that WASNT a coincidence

Not even that! The only subject he's ever written about is his struggle with the drink, last time I went to his profile no dot, yesterday he'd acquired one.

Flaggers probaly... one of my friends got herself a red dot and she was only in a group bout blenders

I think it's a glitch rather than flagging now, the latest person is completely inoffensive and very low profile, I can't see him coming to the attention of the malicious flaggers.

Well apparantly 4 members have commented on this story sooo yeah it probaly is... I know giving up the **** has driven me out of my tiny mind but I aint that far gone


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