One For The Road

Anyone who follows my stories knows that in the summer I don't wear much in the car, usually a two piece batheing suit with a beach cover in the passenger seat just in case. Well last week I found out that even with all my precautions fate is still going to find a way to ***** me.

I was riding down to the market in a thin strapped swim suit top, blue, and matching string bikini bottoms. When I stopped at the next intersection I had a revelation, "No one can see past my waist, so what am I wearing bottoms for, and before it was my turn to go I had whipped them off and now i was literally half naked. The feeling was amazing, usually I can only take being undressed outside for a few moments before running off, but from the saftey of my car I could stay like this as long as I pleased. Embarrassed but free at the same time, of course, it didnt last.

I decided I was having too much fun to go to the market. I took a long, scenic route back to my home, leaving the windows down so that the breeze could rush over my thighs. Suddenly I got a call, I can't remember who it was, I was only talking with them for a second before I hit a bumb and dropped the phone out the window. After kicking myself for being so clumbsy started to roll the window up get dressed for the walk back to find my likely broken phone. Soon I realized where I was, out on an old country road, why stop the fun? Confidently I got out of the car and closed the door wearing nothing but a bikini top. Even though I was alone I started blushing.
After a very brief walk I found the phone, the battery had popped out, but once replaced worked fine. I was also relevied that no other motorists had passed me on my little naked hike.

Now I was back at the car, I looked down the road just to be sure I wasnt seen, then lifted the handle of the door. I must have turned white, the door was locked! I tried all the doors franticly but i was completly locked out. I knew there was nothing to do but call a wrecker. I looked up the number and called, when i told them where I was they said it would be 20 min. before they could have anyone out, now I knew I was in trouble. I waited, hiding behind the car so that I would be less visible from the road, but soon the evening traffic started, and even though it was a remote location, seven cars still passed me, I doubt any of them missed their chance at a peek, one even slowed down to ask if I was okay, I told them that someone was coming and they left after staling for a couple of minutes.

30 min. later (liars) the truck was there. The driver looked me up and down, and when I explained what happened he started to laugh. His laughter was humiliating but being naked and forced to interact with someone with no chance to escape was unbelievably exciting. After a moment, he had the door open, he was looking more at me than his work. When I got it he yelled through the glass "don't catch cold". Blushing, embarrassed and not to mention, pretty hot, I drove away. with night aproching I decided I didnt need my top either, but the windos were definitly staying up.

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lucky tow truck driver...

Great story!!

Very nice. I love being naked outside but to tell the truth I blush as well. But it is so very exciting! Please add me.