When none of my family are home I like to be naked, be honest a lot of you do too I bet.
Anyway back in 2012 my parents had gone on a holiday (couples holiday) for a week for the queens jubilee and my sister was at Guides camps for a week and a half I had the house to my self for 7 days.
With no one home I did what I always did, got naked. The Thursday and Friday I would get up naked, have a shower, dry off and put the towel in the wash, make breakfast and watch tv in the front room. (My house has the one way curtains so as long as I close the blinds before turning on a light at night no one could see me) then get dress and go to school.
Once home get naked again and do stuff (watch tv, tidy a bit, make dinner, Facebook. You know, normal stuff) I had to shut all the blinds upstairs because they were not one way.
Anyway Saturday and Sunday my street was having a jubilee street party, I would rather be naked than socialise (besides through the one was curtains I could see everything and they could see nothing)
Time passed on Saturday and at about 1 in the afternoon I decided to make some lunch. I went into the kitchen and opened the back door (it was a hot day and my garden was fenced in so no one could see into my house unless them came though the gate from the ally way)
Just as I opened the back door the front door opened, I didn't know who it was but it they had a key to my house and that meant probably family and I didn't want my family to see me naked.
I ran into the garden and hid out of site. I took a quick peek to see who it was, I meant quick I didn't want to be seen. It was my brother who moved out about 2 months ago.
He shouted "Hey John, it's me. I'm here to get my mail. You in?"
I didn't reply (obviously) and he walked into the kitchen An saw the opened door. Thinking I had left it open when I went to the street party (I'm guessing) he locked it (uh oh).
He left about 5 minutes later I think.
Now I had a problem: locked outside, spare door key behind removable brick and all that was between me and it was a street full of my neighbours.
I remember seeing a lot of them when looking out the window earlier.
My gate was locked but it was old and could be pulled opened if you knew how.
I had another 4 days before my parents were expected home and another day of jubilee partying.
I remember thinking "said you were going to do the washing today, if you did you would have some clothes on the line. But no you decided to be lazy you idiot".
About 3 hours later my neighbour came to knock for me, with no response she came round the back and found me.
She laughed and I asked he to go round, get the key, go into my house and let me in, she said okay. I was surprised she loved tricks and always wanted something for helping some one else.
She returned about 2 minutes later and said "sorry John, it appears I have lost your key somewhere on my street".
I knew she was lying and probably had it on her or didn't get it, she loved tricks as I said.
I sighed and said "fine, what do you want?" She then said the last thing I suspected "go out with me" seeing as I had no other choice I had to say yes so I did and then her reply was "great, so you agree to go out with me, onto the street". I suddenly realised she was playing another trick.
I asked her "Seriously, what do you want, I'll do anything".
She then said something else I never expected "anything... Okay" she then paused and blushed a little I remember "make out with me".
I thought about it and couldn't thing of any word play trick with it so I agreed, also I did kinda like her.
She then said "at least 10 seconds" and I realised she really did want to make out.
We made out for a good minute and I may have poked her a little, or should I say a large (what up).
She then went around and went into my house, let me in and we spent the the rest of the day in my room and I found out how adventurous she was, let's say.
We are going out now and when ever my family are away she would 'come' and spend the day naked with me and maybe put a dent in the rubber industry, if you know what I mean.
We are now looking for a place of our own where we can be nudists all the time.
JohnSkulfin JohnSkulfin
22-25, M
Aug 28, 2014