Well, like my best friend I have been in a asylum, I am not crazy at all, they made it like that. As some of you know I was abused. What better way to keep you shut up than locking you up?

I was only nine when I was placed in there, no one cared that I was a child. I was a victim of rape, abuse- physical, mental and emotional. I used to spend my summers in the asylum, it was hell. I was in there each summer until I was 11. My best friend was in there as well but for differet reasons. I spent most of my time locked up in a small room, after a while you do become insane. I would see images flash each place I looked, I could not tell reality from fake. By the time summer would end I was different. The abuse had made me broken, the asylum destroyed any good left in me.

I had became a danger to everyone aparently when really I was the one in danger, it got to the point where I decided to make a game of it. I would tease the workers, taunt them. Play insane, why not? They already thought I was crazy. They placed me in a straight jacket, they are actually comfortable!

I was put on medicatio which made me well brain dead for a few hours, I would be giving pills and jags. I became amune to pain after years of abuse so any needles... they never hurt. Now it is just a memory of how ****** up my life is. It has made me stronger though, I am happy to be away from that place but not happy that the things that happened still lurk in my head.

No I am not crazy, but I was treated like I was. If I ever saw that place again I would become insane. I was a victim and was classed as the danger when I was the one in danger. Do not judge a person before you know the full story. There is always two sides to any story. Their side was, she is insane, a danger to herself and any person around. My side was I was abused, forced into a hell hole.
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Thank you for your gift and for dividing the history of life. I bit you because I understand myself I was being manipulated, abused mentally, I received medication. And so far in my mind are images of the past. Currently I am on treatment and I'm glad I recovered myself, as I am. Thank you for that you are on this site and I understand you.