Today ...july our anniversary....
its been a lovely journey...we had our ups and downs like any other couple....

we never had children...long story for another time...
but we are always there for each other....

i tried, in vain, to compose a little poem...
my brain just ain't ticking that way this morning....
so..."let me google that for you".....

and found this one that made me smile...and im sure, will make Mrs mlc smile...

My Lady

I am fortunate and lucky,
for having a wife like you.
Our combined hearts,
share a wonderful view.

This anniversary is like,
a chapter in a photo book.
We may sit and rejoice,
at the memories we took.

You're stunning and beautiful,
these words are not just.
Our loving relationship,
is founded on trust.

I love you so much,
my lady and dear friend.
Your touch is priceless,
along with the time that we spend.

This anniversary of ours,
is just the beginning.
With you by my side,
I'll always be winning.

may we have many more happy years together....

all my love ...

markie xx 🎎 💌 💍 💎
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2 Responses Jul 29, 2014


**smiling broadly**
thank you so.much 😊

What a great post Mark. Happy anniversary to you and the Mrs.

Thank you sir 🍻

Most welcome.