Married 4 Times and Counting

My experience with being married four times is that it is usually better not to tell anyone that you have been married more than twice because they automatically assume something is wrong with you.

i had one girl say that if she met a guy that had been married more than twice she would run the other way. One older lady acted like i was a ***** or something..Me i just don;t put up with bull---- and usually you don't find out how they really are until you are married to them or you think they will change and get better after you are married...bad mistake...

My mr. right was taken and spent the first half of his life with his wife,  His wife passed away in 2004.hopefully if all goes well, he will spend the last half with me.


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I am happy to see this post and thank every one of you for sharing your experiences. I have made what I know now to be poor choices. I've been married 3 times and am in the most incredible relationship--the one I hoped for all my life-now. I'm "every person." I'm not wild, I'm very stable and folks would "never guess" that I have been married 3 times. I type that and hear the word "gasp" come to mind. I've worked hard not to feel shamed, worthless, etc. Those choices do not define me. I read with interest regarding the poster who has had multiple marriages, yet her sister has slept with over 100 people. I think society would judge multiple marriages more harshly. Why is that? Frankly, it's no one's place to judge what any of us has done in our lives, but, people do. I don't broadcast any aspect of my life. I don't see the point in it, but I am not ashamed of "me." I am loved for who I am, not what I have done over the course of my life. For that, I am grateful. This is a beautiful thread. I am very happy to have run across it.

im honest person too i am divorcing for the second time and getting married to my 3rd husband i hope this one will last a lifetime. my sister was married only once and her husband died but she has been with more men than me too.

I to hate to mention Ive been married and divorced 4 times but I dont lie either. Honesty is a very big point with me. Having been lied to so much in my life. But it is true you dont someone till you have been with them for a long time and sometimes not even then. A long time ago I was talking to my sister and I was feeling really down about my divorce and how many men I had slept with in my lfe time. I told her God Barb counting my 4 husbands I have slept with 10 men in my life time and she said Hell Kay I lost count at 100. I think of that now because what is worse being married 4 times or more or sleeping with 100. For some dumb reason it always makes me feel better about myself. God knows why because I dont really judge her for her life.

The stigma surrounding multiple marriages/dirvorces is quickly disappearing. There are so many of us today. More women than men I might add. With the divorce so easy and the divorce rate soaring it's pretty easy to understand why. I'm in my fourth marriage also. I find it interesting that you only mention being married twice. I always disclose I'm in my fourth marriage. If someone snubs me because I've been divorced three times I consider them to not be worth my time anyway. And yes I've had the old bitys act like I was a ***** when I disclosed I was in my fourth marriage. I can honestly say I've enjoyed all four of my marriages.

Blue Breeze do you know what Mr. Right is really like and do you think he is going to change after you marry him?