Extramarital Affair

I have been married for 11 years now with 3 kids....even though there have been good times in my marriage, I have married to a very unreasonable man....my marriage was over a long time ago (that is what I feel).....I have been verbally, mentally and even physically abused.....I am only in it for financial support and also to maintain social norms.....I am having an affair with a married man who has 2 children.....I met him a year ago......I always say to myself that my falling for him has just reaffirmed to me that my marriage truly was over a long time ago.....I don't know what to do though......the man I am having an affair with is also not happy with his wife.....but he is very clear about not leaving his family and I don't think I want to leave mine either.....this affair provides a thrill, excitement and makes me happy......
kyahuateravaada kyahuateravaada
36-40, F
May 23, 2012